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Parting Kiss

Part your lips so gently
And plant a kiss on mine.
Hold me close to you dear.
Hold me for all time.

You’re a part of me, Love
And I’m a part of you.
The love between us is real,
Even though it’s so new.

We wont admit it out loud yet
Fear still grips at our hearts.
Yet we fall into each others arms
And so rarely are we apart.

We wont give any titles
You’re not mine, nor am I yours.
We wont burn any bridges,
We wont slam any doors.

Kiss me before you leave me
This night will be so long.
How can passion so unyielding
Ever be thought of as wrong?

Hold my face in your hands
Kiss me strong and true
Not a soul is near us now
It’s only me and you.

When you start up those stairs
I don’t know how long it will be
Before I see that beautiful face again
And there’s nothing else I’d rather see.

Take the rose from my hair, Love.
Carry it in your coat.
Hurry on back to me, my Dear.
And send me a passing note.

I just want you to think of me often,
As I’ll be thinking of you.
Your kiss will last on my lips forever
Your touch on my face will too.

Amanda Martin

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