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Spam Diaries #2

The sentence is :
“I am sorry, gentlemen,” he added, smiling; "but this reduces your task to a very small matter.”


“I am sorry, gentlemen,” he added, smiling;” but this reduces your task to a very small matter.”

Thomas grunted in disgust and Brian grimaced slightly. They both knew what this meant. They were about to be let go. They had been working for this shady businessman for far too long to let him do this to them now. They had covered his tracks more than once, nearly landing themselves in jail for doing so. They would have proudly taken the wrap for Tony several times, and now this? As soon as Tony turned to walk back over to his desk Brian looked at Thomas and winked. Thomas grunted again. He knew what was coming. Thomas reached behind his back. Brian did the same thing.

By the time Tony sat in his plush leather chair behind his desk and was reaching for a fresh cigar, both Brian and Thomas had their guns pulled and aimed directly at Tony’s heart.

“No way you’re pinning this one on us,” Brian said with a sneer. “We’ve worked too hard to have you cut us out of the action. We’re going to get a piece of this whether you like it or not.” Tony smiled and suddenly Thomas felt very uneasy.

“You want a piece of this one, boys?” Tony’s smile broadened. “You sure you want a piece of this one?” Tony slid the 9mm out of his cigar box and pointed it at the two men behind the lid of the box, just out of sight.

Without warning two shots broke the silence and all three faces in the room fell coldly silent...

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