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Love Me Not

He loves me, he loves me not.
Straight through my heart his arrow shot.
He loves me not, he loves me true
A once used heart now feels new.
I’m not sure how he feels
His emotions he never reveals.
I know precisely down in my soul
He’s the one who makes me whole.
But do I mean to him as much?
Does he crave my every touch?
Does he think of me when I’m not there,
His fingers lightly in my hair?
Will he remember touching my face
Caressing my skin with so much grace?
Does that last kiss linger on his lips
Or the tingle remain in his finger tips?
Does he dream of me like I of him?
Does he reach for me with every limb?
He looks me deep into my eyes
I can see his words are never lies.
He loves me true, He loves me not
He will remain my one soft spot.

Amanda Martin

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