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Return Flight Night

Another tale from my book - May 2006

"The Return from Vegas.

I wimped out finally. I got on average about 3 hours of sleep each night for the entire time I was in Vegas. That's not like me at all! I'm usually pretty cranky if I dont get at least 7 in a night. I got home late Saturday night. Southwest Airlines lost my luggage! I'm a fairly calm and relaxed person, so rather than throw a fit like the guy in line in front of me, I cracked a few jokes and made everyone laugh. I believe I said something about "The only distinguising thing in my bag would be a couple of pairs of high heels and some dirty undergarments, but how is that different than any other woman out there?" They got a kick out of that, and laughing only fuels my fire. By the time I walked out of their office I had them all rolling.

I went straight home from the airport and crashed out cold. It wasn't until about Midnight that my phone started to ring. Groggily, I opened one eye and then the other. It was a number I didn't recognize. All I kept thinking was "Who would be calling me at Midnight on the day of my return from Vegas?!" I hit the infamous 'ignore' button and let my head drop back to the pillow. It rang again. This time I answered it, knowing it wouldn't stop if I didn't. It was Southwest Airlines, telling me they were out front with my luggage. I threw on some jeans and a jacket and ran out to get my bag. I live on the third floor of an outdoor appartment complex and was thrilled to think they had brought it up for me. Instead, a rather large woman, the female version of Hagrid from the Harry Potter movies, stood below my balcony with the bag at her feet. She screamed at what would have been the top of my voice, but the booming, thunderous volumes that echoed off of the side of the surrounding buildings was probably a normal voice for her.

"You'll have to come and get it."

"Great", I sighed to myself. Barefoot, I clutched the cold metal railing and stepped gingerly down the stone stairs, making my way down to the pavement below.

"She's here!" The female Hagrid screamed out to her friend waiting in the car several hundred feet away. Her voice rang in my ears, deafening me momentarily.

"Thanks", I grunted, and turned to walk away. Lights around the neighborhood flickered on all around me. Silhouettes started to appear in the windows, people trying to figure out what was going on. I only moved into the complex 2 weeks ago! What an embarassing thing to have happen at twelve o'clock at night! Barefoot and carrying a 40lb bag, I grunted my way back up the stairs and to my quiet, warm little room. I tossed the bag down on the floor, gently enough to not wake up the appartment manager who lived below me, and didn't even bother to shed the jacket or jeans. I laid down and was out again in an instant. Somewhere off in the distance, I heard a little car drive away, with a very loud woman in the passenger seat saying "She was a cutie!"

A cool breeze wafted in through my open window, damp and delicate. The heavy air comforted me back into my peaceful dreams."

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