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The Spam Diaries

For a while I was doing something called the Spam Diaries. I would get a rather odd email with a string of sentences that made no sense when put together. I got the bright idea to use it as a writing exercise and started doing the Spam Diaries at least once a week.

I started out by taking one sentence from the spam email I had gotten and growing inspired by it. It turned into a project that I continued with for a while. Most of these are still saved on a variety of other pages and blogs elsewhere in the world wide web.

What you will find below was the first Spam Diary ever written.

The Spam Diaries #1

The sentence is :
She would do good to forget how she picked him out.


She would do good to forget how she picked him out. He was nobody of any consequence then, and surely he could be that way again. She just had to forget what history they had. She could do that! She was convinced that she could do that.

She furrowed her brow. Couldn’t she?

The fact remained that she couldn’t get his image out of her head. In such a short time, he had become so important to her, and it was so clear to her that she didn’t mean the same thing to him. Often he would lead her to believe that she did, and though it was fully unintentional, it was still a very cold and calloused thing to do to her. He would hold her in the evenings and kiss her gently. He would tell her she was beautiful. He would reach out to her while in public, just to touch or hold her hand. And yet he was so distant. He wouldn’t open himself to her.

She’d be better off forgetting him completely. She’d be better off forgetting how he looked at her when she first met him, how they instantly clicked, how they never ran out of things to say… she’d be better off if she never knew him.

The phone rang. It was him. She scrambled for the ‘on’ button, held the thin mobile up to her ear, and tried to calm the anger and confused emotion in her voice.


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