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Fourth Shoot

The very next time I saw a photo of me in print it was on the front page of the San Diego Tribune in 2004 after a visit to the annual Comic-Con with Mr. Blackwood. He went as Spiderman and I went as Mary Jane from the first movie. I had so many compliments on that costume that eventually I lost track of them all. I had a wonderful day wandering around all day long in my red wig, chop sticks and chinese dress. Once more, that was something that Mr. Blackwood kept once I left. I did love that dress as well. People asked why he kept it, if maybe he planned to play dress up once I was gone. No, Mr. Blackwood wasn't that way. He kept it because he paid for it and saw a chance to make a profit off of it if he sold it once I was gone. It was the same story with the rings. I don't blame him a bit.

A guy by the first name of D'Jef was the next photographer I ever worked with. At that point I was becoming a bit more accustomed to the way things were done. I brought more than two or three changes of clothes and actually had a small suit case. I put on some long, false lashes and packed a few pairs of shoes. I was ready to go. I still didn't trust someone I'd never met before, so we decided to meet in public and only shoot in populated areas.

We traveled all over Los Angeles city, shooting anywhere we weren't chased out of. Without having the proper permits, sometimes those places are hard to find. Everywhere we went though, we would turn heads. People wanted to know who I was. It was my first taste at what it would be like to be famous or special. It was at that point I realized there was no going back. I was going to make a mark somehow; somewhere. Little did I know just how far an unknown want-to-be model would get without an agency or representation. I was alread well on my way and had no clue. It would still be a few more months before I weould begin acting, and a couple of years away from my most important photoshoot I would ever have.

While out on the shoot that day we found a small patch of woods to shoot in. Once more my black dress from Extreme Makeover was brought out of hiding and the results turned into a mystical type of set, very much reminding me of Lord of the Rings. The results were stunning... and this is almost all I have left of it. Once more I had a photographer not bring me the CD as promised - but this one didn't want lunch in return. He wanted a large sum of money.

The "money" shot from this photoshoot was the one to the left here. I ended up using this photo in a low resolution for my headshots not long afterward to try and get into the acting end of the camera industry. I had seen and experienced modeling photography. I knew I could duplicate the results. It was time to move on and try something new finally. It was time to be the photographer - and try my hand at the next step on the ladder.

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