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Grand Escape Part 12


Subject : He woke up!!!
Posted Date: : Apr 16, 2006 2:05 PM

B finally woke up. He's finally seen that perhaps I was in the right after all. He's agreed to work with me on all of this, and I WILL be getting ALL of my things! Check out the letter he left for me below! How should I respond? the promissory note is MORE than generous! Wow.... Perhaps I WAS right to defend him all this time. He does have a good heart, and he is a good guy...

I didn't think this would ever happen, though.



I don't pretend to understand the state of mind that is driving you to
behave as you have recently. I do know that it is probably far more
damaging to you than it has been for me (which is plenty damaging, by the

In any case we would probably both be well served if I made my position
clear in writing.

First, I have no intention of keeping possession of anything belonging to
you including books, clothing, seat covers and pictures of Ethan. I will
carefully put the things that remain here in boxes. While I won't be
available for most of this weekend, I will make arrangements for you to pick
up those boxes. Email or call and we can arrange a mutually convenient
time. If the bicycle is of any use to you, let me know.

Second, I would appreciate your signing the attached promissory note. I
believe that you will find the terms extremely favorable. The first payment
doesn't start until June 15th. Payments are $XX per month. If you pay
more, it is applied to the balance and interest. And if you make the first
six payments on time, the amount of the note will drop by $XXX.xx.

Third, I will forward any mail you receive initially to you at [your job] in
Torrance. I will try to do this once a week until you get settled someplace
else. When you have a forwarding address, I will make sure the UPS Store
gets a forward order implemented.

Fourth, If you have financial difficulty over the next few weeks, please
drop me an email or call. I will deposit $XXX into your checking account or
mail you a check. This is outside the terms of the promissory note. Pay it
back when you can. There's no need to feel embarrassed (or resentful) about
it. This is a tough time for both of us but I do not want you to go without
enough to eat or a safe place to stay. If $XXX isn't enough, let me know.

I do [care about] you Amanda (even though you and I are both jerks sometimes).


P.S. Sorry - forgot something. We've been pretty intertwined so there will
probably be more "forgot somethings".

The telephone. I was going to change the Sprint account today but changed
by mind. The Treo was a gift to you. I would like you to be able to use
it. It should still be under warranty so you should go to the Sprint Store
and have it fixed. I will keep it on my account to give you time to get
that done.

I would appreciate your not running the bill up in the interim. I got hit
with a $XXX bill on your phone in May of 2004 and I would very much like to
be spared that this time around.

If Sprint needs anything from me to get your phone fixed, let me know. Once
that's done I would like you to open up a new Sprint account for yourself.
Since the two line contract is in my name, I may need to add another cheap
phone to my account until the contract expires. I'm willing to do that if
necessary. If you need help getting an account established, let me know.

- B

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