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Every now and again I love to look at my blog and figure out where my readers and viewers are from. I find it fascinating, seeing the nations and states and cities that view my little blog; me, a complete nobody. I have somehow managed to reach over 70 countries and all but three of the US states. How do I know where you are? Well, let me show you how...

I have a counter set up on my blog that doesn't pinpoint exactly where people are, but can pinpoint a nearby city that provides the internet you use in your home or your office. It adds up the pinpoints in the cities to put them all together in the largest near by city, then adds those together to find out how many views I have had per state, then those are added to decide how many views the blog has gotten for each nation. It's really interesting stuff.

When I first log in, I bring up the world view. From there I can narrow it down. I thought it would be fun to share with you all what it is I see every time I look up my own stats and try to narrow it down.

4,368 visits from 76 countries/territories

Every state but three. Can you name the three without looking them up? Most people can't, but it's something we (as Americans) were all taught in school.

Zooming in on California, it's speckled with red dots. Each of those dots represent a city that contains blog viewers and the spot changes size and color depending on how many views the blog has generated from that city. Multiple views from the same I.P. address are blocked, so each one registered blog view is a different person. If I chose to, I can click on any of those red spots and see exactly how many times someone from a particular city went to see my blog and on which days they were there.

It's really fascinating stuff. I've found it to be a great resource for figuring out who my audience really is and where people are from.

I just thought I would share that with you.

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