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Grand Escape Part 9


I've REFUSED once more to allow him the upper hand. See my response to his email below.

Shall I adress these one at a time?

1) You owe me $1432 which I paid toward your car rental and repair. This was in the form of a $300 loan until you got your next pay check to cover the final car rental charge and $1132 paid as the balance due on your cars paint work.

*We agreed last night, did we not, that I could not physically pay you back for this all at once and would include this ammount in the promissory note.

2) You would endorse the Mercury Insurance check over to me as payment toward that amount.

*I thought you released the whole stupid notion of the reimbursement check because you wanted so badly to get rid of me and I would need it for any kind of a deposit on an appartment. HOWEVER... IF you are willing to give me a key to the place and stay there until I can AFFORD a place, then I will give you every red cent from the check - no questions asked. I will need that guarantee before handing you a dime, though. My first concern is for my own well being. I have been homeless in the past and that is NOT something I'm willing to put myself through again, for you or for anyone else. It's not worth it. Besides, I've already got my photo albums, scotch, movies, and art work (other than those hanging on the walls). I can live for quite some time on what I have here at the office. I can even borrow clothes from Aurelie if need be. But without a roof over my head, what options do I have?

3) You would sign a promissory note for $1200 before you took the iBook.

*The agreement is typed up, printed, and ready to sign. I've called you and offered you an increase in the monthly payments to $150 a month.
**Another point of interest here is that you just didn't see the iBook. It's still right under your nose, if all you do is follow the cord. It's not been anywhere near the living room in DAYS. It's in the bedroom in a drawer.
I've stolen NOTHING from you. I want NOTHING of yours. To me it's all shit. Everything you OWN merely reminds me of the things you would rather have in your life than me; the things that were more important than spending time with someone you said you cared about... even back when I thought you DID care.

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