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Grand Escape Part 1

The Grand Escape - Part 1

This is a series of diary entries following an amazing escape adventure I had when trying to extricate myself from a failing relationship. It went from bad to worse, but in the end I was finally on my own.

Subject : Life is GRAND!
Posted Date: : Mar 21, 2006 8:35 PM
Ok so I'm a little drunk (on only two martini's no less!), but I've just had one of the best evenings I can remember in a long time.

It started out with the Enforcer calling me to let me know he had dinner plans and I wasn't invited. So much the better for me! I flipped! Immediately I jumped into my car (or the rental car, rather - my car will be out of the shop soon...) and took off for a friends house. I thought at first that since my friend wasn't home I was going to have a really horrible evening.

Instead of sitting on my butt moping about the empty apartment, I went to a local restaurant to treat myself to a night out alone. I've been going to this particular restaurant for a long time, so I know a few of the servers and bartenders by name by now... but I met a new one, and made what I feel is a new friend with great potential.

As I was sitting alone, a gentleman from a few tables over walked over just to let me know that I reminded him of Annette Benning, his FAVORITE actress whom he thought was very beautiful! As if that wasn't enough, I was flirted with by about every guy in the place except the ones I already knew by name. I kept telling them all that I had someone in my life now and that I wasn't "shopping" anymore - which felt pretty good to say.

Still - the lesson I've learned is that I've missed out on a LOT by not doing things by myself. I think it's time I explore that avenue. It's time I spent a little time with ME and have fun with it! I'm ready! Look out world, here comes the Redhead!

Now it's time for bed and sweet dreams...

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