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Grand Escape Part 11


Posted Date: : Apr 14, 2006 9:12 AM


Yes, I'm free.
I moved into my new appartment last night. It was a glorious feeling. As I sat in the middle of the floor looking around, though, I realized that I dont have much. I suppose it's more than enough to start a new life with, but it's still not a lot. Still, the things I no longer have are only things. I have clothes to get me by from day to day with only having to wash once a week. I have about 5 books to keep me entertained, one of which is a GREAT book on the collective works of Edgar Allan Poe. My roommate also gave me a TV for my room, I've got my computer with hi speed internet connection, I've got my iPod mini, and I've managed to get my colored pencils... so I will have plenty to keep me busy.

Not to mention friends from out of town are suddenly feeling the urge to come visit me after so many years of not seeing them! It's amazing! Last weekend, someone I've not seen in 9 years comes to visit. This weekend, a friend I've not seen since the 6th grade is coming to visit, and will be here in only a few more hours! I'm looking at another visitor, perhaps a repeat, on the first weekend May, and another friend I've not seen in many years coming to visit durring the second weekend of May!

I curled up in my pink quilt my Grandmother made for me, rested my head on one of the decorative pillows Chris' mother made for me of my own art work, laid my phone by my head as my alarm, and went to sleep. For the first time in quite possibly many years, I slept all through the night without a worry.

I woke up when my phone alarm went off... It started ringing in my ear, not far from my head. It sounded like the Liberty Bell to me, the very voice of my freedom.

Peace. That's what it was... Total peace.

Just call me "Lady Liberty"...

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