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Grand Escape Part 5


Posted Date: : Mar 31, 2006 8:19 AM
Some time ago, the Warden lost his digital camera, and I was wanting a picture of our friends just in case I am not able to remain friends with them after I move out. They are his friends first, and you never know how someone will react to such a breakup. I didn't tell him that - only that I wanted a picture of them.

I gave him my camera as we were getting ready to go, and asked if he could look it over since he's a professional photographer and make sure the settings are right and that it's actually working. He said he would. I went to the bathroom and got finished with my makeup.

The time came and we left for the restaurant. We got there, had a few drinks, had a bite to eat, watched Gary Chandling do some stand up comedy (He just came in unannounced and started, BTW - awesome show.) and had a great time. Bill was clingy, but I shrugged it off and went on.

The end of the night rolls around, I ask him to take a picture of me with Patty. He kept walking away and expected us to stand outside in the freezing cold in skimpy dresses so he could take the picture. That was bad enough. When we got there, Patty and Bill posed for a picture and The Warden tried to take it with the camera, which immediately did a delay shot, screwing it up entirely. Bill and Patty thought it had been taken, and I said as nicely as possible, and as quietly as possible, "That's why I asked you to look it over at the house." He shot me a dirty look.

Boy, that was one of the most uncomfortable car rides home I've ever been in.

Once there, he followed me to the bedroom and said "You arent even going to say you're sorry? What the hell was that comment supposed to mean back there?"

I responded by saying "Nobody but you heard what I said. I didn't say anything wrong, only that I didn't want you to embarass yourself and put Bill and Patty out while you tried to work on the camera out in the cold nights air."

"So, you aren't even going to say you're sorry?"

"For what?"

At this point it was apparent that he wasn't going to let me be, so I went to the bedroom and locked the door. It was late and I wanted to go to bed. I changed into my sweats while he yelled at me from the other side.

"Unlock this door! Unlock this door right now!"

"Nope. Not interested. Not until I'm sure there's not going to be someone there trying to start shit with someone who's trying to go to bed."

I got all done changing and unlocked the door, only to walk right past him to the bathroom, where I proceeded to tell him, "It's all yours", and then I closed and locked the bathroom door.

When I came out and went back to the bedroom, he followed me again.
"You just cant take any kind of responsibility for anything, can you?"
I'll admit that maybe what I said to him in the first place came out wrong, but seriously, was it nessicary for him to start this garbage with me? I dont believe so personally.

"Look. The way I see it, you've got 2 options. You can either leave now and let me go to sleep, or you can get out of my way as I pack in order to go find a hotel room for the night. I have to work in the morning. Good night."

When I told him I was going to get a hotel room if he didn't leave me alone he shot back with ...
"What are you saying, you're moving out?"

"Nope. I'm saying that I want to go to sleep. Do you really think I would move out in the middle of the night when I have to work in the morning?"
And I smirked. You should have seen his face turn red when I smirked!!!

He left and slept on the couch.
Around 5:30 this morning, he came to bed, and I got up as soon as he began to snore. I've been up ever since.

And what do I have to say about it all? Basically that I'm just amused is all... Thoroughly and utterly amused.

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