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Who are you?

I'm often surprised at the locations and numbers of people who read my blogs. I can tell based solely on the location the visitors are coming from who they might be and what connection I've had in their lives - while others are always a surprise. I know who would be reading my blogs from Clovis and Fresno, while the two different entries from Cairo, Egypt took me completely by surprise. I know who is in San Diego checking to see if I've written anything new, but the people in Ireland, Massachusetts and the spray across the entire state of Texas have completely blown me away. I don't know who these people are or how they found me, and with them not telling me (or us) by leaving comments, it simply remains a mystery.

Recently I was contacted by someone who said they were simply conducting a search for Sioux City Sarsaparilla and my blog about that particular drink came up in the search results. Impressed, I wondered were else my blogs were coming up. Unfortunately it's been quite a while since I have been able to keep up with the blogs on a regular basis, so I don't believe I'm showing up in many places at all at the moment.

So if you're reading this, tell us all where you're from and how you found the blog. It's been a fun project and before it ends I'd love to find out more about YOU. You've already learned a lot about me - show me who I've reached and touched with simple words. Show me - show US - who you are! You can remain anonymous if you choose to do so. Just let us know where you're from and how you found the blog.

Become a part of the story!


  1. Well I'm chazz and you're linking to my redhead forum from this blog. I found you when some dude made a smartass comment on one of the photos on my old flickr account. I checked out his flickr profile and he had some old modeling pics of you posted and I thought to myself that is one smoking hot redhead. LOL.

    Since as you know, redheads are of particular interest to me because of my forum, I did some googling and came across more of your modeling photos. Then I ended up posting some of those on my forum in the modeling section. Of course I probably should have gotten permission but the photos were nothing revealing or anything so I figured why not.

    I'm not sure how but I eventually came across your flickr account where I messaged you and told you about my forum. Rather than threaten me with a restraining order or putting me on ignore, instead you were really nice. :)

    I try to bump your thread over at the forum once in awhile so it stays on the first page so you get some more views to your blog. I'm not sure how many visitors you get coming from there. That's the story of how I found you on the net.

  2. I met you at a funeral in NY a few years ago, and I have known your family in upstate NY for many years as extended family of yours worked for mine. A family member in the islands was a really good friend of my parents.

  3. Hello "JDogg", it's really good to see you again. I hope you're well and happy. ;)

    Chazz - You, my friend, are awesome! Thank you for the support over the years!

  4. Just an old TextAmerican friend...


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