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Grand Escape Part 4


Posted Date: : Mar 30, 2006 10:56 AM

Yes, the winds are changing. The once strong westward gale sweeping me out to be lost at sea has now changed directions. Now an eastward breeze has decided to grace me with it's cool, sweet breath.

I've found my apartment.

There has been an understanding that has finally been reached within my household. We both know that I wont be staying much longer and that there is nothing that he can do to change that. It leaves me in an uncomfortable situation at the moment because I'm stuck staying with him until I move out. However, we also both understand that I have my own life now and that if I choose to do things without his knowledge it's (finally) none of his business.

Unfortunately I've got visitors in from out of town, so the faces have to be painted on, and the smiles have to be prominent. As soon as they're gone, I am too. I'm not able to move into my place until the 8th at the very soonest, and I may be a little short of funding in order to do so then. I may have to wait until the 15th, but I'm willing to wait if I have to.

Finally, things are falling into place.

I've also met a very interesting conversationalist recently, due to a highly unusual Myspace fluke.

Yes, the winds are changing. Finally.

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