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Grand Escape Part 8


Subject : HELP ME!!! Won't someone help me?
Posted Date: : Apr 12, 2006 1:07 PM

I want to cry...
I never ask for help, and I imagine the subject line has gotten some attention from some of my friends on here.

I'm going to be $350 short for my appartment deposit! What am I going to do?! I have to turn it in today!!!

From Bill today...

12 April 2006, 7:00AM

Amanda -

What a disappointment. I shouldn't be surprised by this, of course Your absolute inability to honor any agreement you make. Last night you agreed to three things.

1) You owe me $1432 which I paid toward your car rental and repair. This was in the form of a $300 loan until you got your next pay check to cover the final car rental charge and $1132 paid as the balance due on your cars paint work.
(That's fine. Does he expect me to pay him in pennies? We already agreed to this, and that I would pay him back as I could... payments every month.)

2) You would endorse the Mercury Insurance check over to me as payment toward that amount.
(We agreed that I would need this check for my appartment deposit if he wanted to get rid of me)

3) You would sign a promissory note for $1200 before you took the iBook.
(I left it in the drawer under the bed) (I've got the agreement typed up, ready to sign, but don't think I will now.)

Since you snuck out of here with both the check and the iBook, it is clear that you have no intention of honoring even a commitment you made less than 10 hours ago. I'm left to wonder if you actually expect me to continue to honor commitments I made to you.

You and I both know that I have, for many years, put concerns for you far ahead of concerns for myself. Even in the face of scores of lies in 2004 and your leaving to marry someone you'd just met, I gave you $500 because I was concerned for your well being. (He had no idea what I was doing at the time. He didn't even know about Chirs! What a load of Bullshit!)Time and time again you have worked hard to prove to me that my faith in you and my trust in you are misplaced. (What a complete asshole!) True to form, you're working hard to turn our relationship adversarial again, (We ALL know that's not the case. Not the way I've been defending him!) though I have been nothing but loving and understanding and civil by calling me a cunt last night, when all I did was stay calm) as you claimed to need time to "figure out what you're doing".

Your actions today are yet another example in a long string of examples. Amanda is only concerned about Amanda. I would be an idiot to trust you to not do anything you can to further your own ends at this point, including lie cheat and steal from me to do it. You have already lied, cheated and stolen. (Not hardly!)

Please be advised that the locks at 1408 Esplanade Apt 3 will have been changed by the time you read this. Sadly I simply cannot afford to continue to trust you to have a key to my apartment. I will, as I did last time, gather your remaining belongings and box them up carefully. I will meet with you at some other location and come to a legal agreement with you about the money you owe me. True to MY form, I expect only to be reimbursed for money you have previously agreed to reimburse me for. When we have a signed agreement in place, I will deliver your belongings where-ever you choose. And we will be done.

I still love you Amanda and I still want the best for you. But you have (no doubt intentionally) made it impossible for me to continue to be any part of your life. So be it.

Sincerely, and with a very sad heart. (Like I believe that at this point...)


By the way, I can't imagine why you'd think you'd need to get the police involved in this, but then you've never been able to explain to me why you thought you needed to involve them in April of 2004. Be advised, though, that making a false statement to the police is a crime. Any false statements you make to the police involving me will be taken seriously by me this time around.
I NEVER made a single false statement about him! NEVER! I've defended the man, his honor, and his dignity to all those who've been telling me he doesn't deserve so much!

Oh, GOD! What am I going to do?! Without my reimbursement check I cant get this place, and I have NO clothes to wear until I get paid next. What has he done?! What have I done?!

Oh, I just dont see any way out of it this time.
I called him and left a voice mail telling him my computer is under the bed and reminding him of our agreement on the check. I also offered to increase the promisory note so he wont have to deal with me anymore. I'm afraid this time he's got the upper hand, though. Most likely he wont go for it.

I'm lost.
A failure.


And I was so close! Oh, God! What am I going to do?!

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