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Behind the Mask - the begining of the end

This blog has seen me through dark days and bright, the feeling of being utterly alone to now feeling like I finally have a real chance in this world to be happy - to be loved.

When I set out on this project, I wanted the world to understand me. Somewhere along the line I forgot that and just kept writing anyway. Now, with the final days sneaking up on me with every hour, I realize that even if I didn't help the world to understand me, the love of a great man and the understanding I've gained of my own emotional turmoil over the years has helped me to pour out what I thought, believed, remembered and regretted - until finally I understood myself.

To use an old cliche, the clouds have parted and I have seen the sun. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Every cloud has a silver lining.

We never really know what life has in store for us. If we just hang in there and have faith that things will work out, they usually do. A few times along the way I nearly gave up on this project, but with the completion date looming ever closer, I'm more determined than ever to see it through... but from here on out it will be in a different way. The remaining stories, I have decided, will involve where in the world I found myself in January when I left my job, where I went, what I've seen and done, and who's been there to share it all with me.

I only have a few days and a bunch of stories to write, so hang on!

As Bettie Davis said ... "Fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a bumpy night!"

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  1. I have certainly enjoyed your stories. The look into your life has been an interesting one. I am glad that you found the happiness you deserve.


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