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Finding the Dream

At the begining of this project I posted a story I wrote many years ago about haunting blue eyes. I wanted to tell the world why it was I found myself constantly attracted to men with blue eyes. While the post itself was dated May 18 of 2010, it was written many years before that. The day I posted that particular story was only two days before a very significant date in my world - someone's birthday. It just so happens that someone has the remarkable blue eyes I've searched for all my life.

I found his set of eyes many years ago - in fact, it was nearly 7.5 years ago now. There he was, living too many miles away for me to ever imagine the posibilities that have now presented themselves before me. He had a thick accent and was at times hard to understand. Often I would ask several times what it was he had said. I believe in the early days he grew frustrated.

We would email back and forth often. It seemed the best method of communication back then since I had such trouble understanding his accent. Slowly but surely we got to know one another - but even before that I knew I loved this man.

The accompanying photos are from the time at which I first got to know this amazing man. I cut my hair and colored it darker for the Extreme Makeover show and kept it that way for a little while, but eventually I gave up on the idea of meeting someone so incredibly far away - I changed once more. The blue eyed man and I lost contact and I ended up getting married to Mr. Blackwood instead. I regretted it immediately. I wanted to forget everything. It wasn't long after my grandparents died in 2004, and I was in so much emotional pain that I wanted to be someone else entirely. Finally, I chopped all my hair off within days of loosing contact with the blue eyed man. It's been my short, red signature hair that I've been known for all these years.

I never forgot about the blue eyed boy though. I couldn't even if I tried. A year and a half later my marriage fell apart and I found myself living in Gardena CA in a small room on the third floor of an old apartment building. When after two incredibly long years, I couldn't have been more shocked when a familiar name showed up in an email. Robert hadn't forgotten about me, either. What's more, he still recognized me.


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