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Bring Them Flowers

Go dancing.

Show someone you love them.

Laugh at their bad jokes.

Hug them.

Tell them how you feel.

And bring them flowers.

As quoted from a recent email...

"It was a hard lesson to learn, but people don't generally give flowers for no reason. I would expect a few at my own funeral, but I probably wont see many in my lifetime unless they're growing in a garden somewhere. I love flowers and I think they're so beautiful, but I hate for anyone to think they are wasting money on something that's just going to die. That's how it's usually explained to me - people don't buy flowers because they're just going to die anyway. It's such a morbid thought that they all buy flowers for a funeral - knowing the flowers will eventually follow the same fate as the person in the coffin who can't appreciate them anyway. What good ARE flowers at a funeral? Isn't it a little late to be giving someone flowers to show them you care?"

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