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There Comes a Time

There comes a time when we all reach our breaking point. Several times now I've threatened enternally to flush the entire blog idea - and right now that's kind of why I'm so far behind. I set out to prove that the creative juices never stopped flowing with me - as long as it's something that I'm interested in writing. On the days I didn't write, I still had thoughts and stories that I wanted to tell, but I refused to for the safety of myself or the sanity of others. I refused in order to not start arguments with people, or anger folks the way my parents were angry at me for telling things the way I see them - for telling the world about how I grew up.

I've reached a breaking point yet again - but in the opposite direction. I have a matter of days before my 365 days are up and from here on out it's no holds barred. It's time to grit my teeth and knuckle down. Zero hour is upon us and I still have a lot of stories to tell - including one that is in the making right this very second. I don't exactly know how the outcome will go, so I have to wait to tell the story, but I have a feeling that by Monday or Tuesday the curtains will close on that chapter. Maybe I will tell that story, maybe I wont. I guess it all depends on the outcome.

I've got a lot of writing to do and only a few days to do it in. It's time to get cracking.

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