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Cooking Capers

As the Banana Bread bakes in the oven and I attempt to wipe the flour dust off of my black hoodie, I've got a cooking program going in the background on the television. I think about the times that I tried to cook something I'd never eaten before and what a success almost every dish turned out to be. Then again, as long as a recipe is followed, the rest is pretty simple.

I long to create something amazing with my own hands. My art is only a recreation of a photo I see most of the time. My baking and cooking is only a creation duplicated from instructions someone else wrote down. Though good, I can't take credit for the things I make. However, with enough practice I might learn how certain ingredients react with one another and come up with my own items - if I spend enough time cooking and researching.

I often browse my cookbook wondering what I should make next. I often spend so much time looking that I never end up cooking anything at all. That's going to have to change. The next time I need something for a particular fish masterpiece or beef dinner, I'm just going to go get it and not tell anyone what I'm up to or what I'm cooking. Then again, am I brave enough for that? I often crave and need approval before I start something, or I feel selfish for wanting to make it just because I want to.

Well, time will tell I suppose.

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