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Conversing with the Dream

February 21st of 2010 my world changed completely. I got yet another message from Robert. I certainly wasn't expecting it, but it was more than certainly a welcome surprise. Stunned, I read the message from begining to end at least a dozen times before I could take a breath. It took a dozen more before I could even start to think of a response. I realized suddenly that tears were streaming down my face. I was stunned.

"I think I may be in love with you....again!.... I have never met you BUT I have NEVER stopped thinking of you. [My daughter] still sleeps with the bear you sent. I have this funny feeling whenever I think of you.

Sorry if thats a bit out of the ordinary, howerver, thats the way I feel Amanda. I have felt this way for years sweetie. It is nearly 4am and I have have a couple of beers but I know I am in love with you!... Is that possible?

I am still single...the reason I am single is....... you Amanda!!!"

I didn't know what to say at first. I had never answered his question as to if I was single or not. It was my turn...

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