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Meet My Dream

I booked a flight for the first day I would be eligible for vacation time. I had worked hard to get where I was in my company, and they knew more than anyone that I deserved it. I made sure everyone knew early on - nothing was going to hold me back. I finally had my life in order enough to do this, I wasn't going to miss the chance.

We talked almost every day online. We were on Skype, facebook, personal emails, and eventually the Blackberry messenger service, since we both had the blackberry. We were in constant communication. It was bliss!!

We certainly had our share of ups and downs. When two people are 6,000 miles apart, communication has a way of breaking down. Roberts sister became very close to my heart one night after a week when he and I hadn't been speaking. She had convinced him to talk to me. She could tell that he really did love me. I have adored her ever since. She really was in our corner - and she hadn't even met me yet. She'd only seen me in photos. Still, the wonderful friend I had gained, would soon become more than a friend to me. After being with her for a full weekend while I was in Scotland that summer, she became family. Louise is the sister I never had.

I flew to Scotland on July 24th of 2010, landing at Glasgow on the 25th. I remember walking through the long terminal wondering when it would end. I barely remember getting the stamp on my passport before I raced to the exits. I stopped briefly at the ladies room to take off my slippers and put on my heels. I brushed my hair back, rubbed a finger over my teeth and powdered my nose. I took a deep breath and looked myself right in the eyes.

"Ok," I said to nobody but me, "Let's do this."


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