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The Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas to me from my family.

The Grinch strikes again...

And they really know how to "spin" details better than talk radio.

You may or may not read this, but I will at least know I / we tried, and I will feel better about it.

In your blog or face book page or where ever it was, you have slammed your mother and I in cyber space on repeated occasions for things that in your mind were justified, however, as I am quite fond of saying there is 2 sides to every story.

You accuse us of forgetting your birthday, and I think you in your heart know better. We may not be the best at being on time but we have never forgotten your birthday. We used to not put up ANYTHING for Christmas till after your birthday in an effort to be sure that your day was in fact separate and special. In cyber space you deliberately lied and tell those virtual friends that we did just the opposite. That too is a lie . In fact you lied to us and told us that you never received the box we sent last year. If you did not receive it how did you know of the contents? The blouse didn’t fit?? Ok, sorry bout that, we guessed wrong on the size. You have the audacity to accuse your mother of deliberately sending you a blouse that didn’t fit her, or that she didn’t like? Once again you know better than that! In fact she bought herself the same blouse because she thought it was that cute. The book?? I included it as a surprise because I thought you might like to have something of your past that you thought was gone after stuff was stolen in L.V. I guessed wrong. I guess you want nothing to do with your past and it seems that includes us. You left here with what ever his name was, USCG, and we never heard from you after you got to CA. . Was it because he was just a ticket back to CA? Don’t worry, we were not surprised when we found out that you and he were no longer an “ ITEM” , in fact we would have bet on that long before you packed up and left here. We had no idea where you were until I found you on the face-book thing and asked for your address. Guess you didn’t care to let us know where you were or to keep in touch. OK so be it .

I last spoke with you when you learned that Ed had died. Told you at that time I would try to send you some pics of me in my CAS getup. I did, apparently they didn’t make it or were too big or something. I don’t know. I used the e-mail address in my computer, that I had been using for the past year or two, and they never got returned as undeliverable so I assumed that you got them. If you didn’t you could have e mailed me had you really cared. In all this time our address / email address / phone numbers haven’t changed. If you would like to see copies, I still have the e-mail someplace where you CORRECTED the address that we sent your birthday present to, you got it, yet the Christmas gift we sent last year got RETURNED!! We sent a B-Day card this year, as a test to see if it actually got to you. Never heard anything except once again a posting on your face-book page that stated that apparently you thought it was inappropriate. Deal with it!

I could go on and on about why your mother and feel so betrayed and hurt, but I know in your mind you think all this crap you are posting about us is justified even when you know it is not true, or wildly exaggerated to say the least. If you are that needy for attention and sympathy from all your virtual “friends” that you want to forsake your parents and brother, have at it. Don’t worry you can post away and defile us as much as you want on the net. We will not bother to dispute it again so your electronic friends can give you all the electronic sympathy you need.

Don’t worry we won’t forget your birthday, or Christmas or anything else, you just won’t know that we remembered. This may not be the most logical or best piece of writing I have ever done but I want to get this off my chest and be done with the unpleasant ness of it all.

Thanks for the books, Merry Christmas



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