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St. Pat's Tomorrow

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day.

Last year I spent the day working only to rush home and grab my visiting friend Patric so he and I could go enjoy both of our first green beers together. This year I find myself confined to the home, since I've been extremely sick lately. I was going quite stir crazy for a while, but I've just had to come to my senses. I needed to do some personal spring cleaning anyway. I also needed to focus on my writing, or the deadline would never be met. I've been so ill there really hasn't been much else I could be useful at.

So, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, but there will be no green beer or beer of any kind for me. In fact, since I'm on antibiotics for a kidney infection and tonsilitis, there will be no alcohol involved in my days or nights for a few weeks yet... not that I've ever been much for drinking alcohol. I may not even wear green tomorrow since it's unlikely I will be well enough to leave the house yet. Instead it will be a quiet day for me, sorting through old memories and cleaning out the cobwebs of my mind.

I've had my share of good St. Patrick's Days. It's ok to take the day off I suppose. I don't have to try so hard, someone once told me. I believe they were right. It's time to not try so hard and just do what comes naturally to me - just write.

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  1. It was a great time last year. Dare I say with the friends we made and the good time we had, perhaps the best St. Patrick's Day yet.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. I've been sick too just trying to get better.


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