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Leaving Los Angeles 2009

This video tells a story all of it's own...
April 2009

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  1. I cried when I watched this video. I have a child about your age who has run from life and from home many times, always to return. And he did return, one last time. He was flown back to me in a casket. He was 30 years old when that happened. He was always searching for something bigger and better in life. No matter how much he hurt us we loved him with all our hearts and always welcomed him back home.

    Life can be cut short in an instant, yet we never think it will happen in our family. There is a big, sometimes dangerous world out there. It can be bad enough for a man, much less a woman.

    I pray you never have to endure what my son did and I also pray your parents never have to know the pain of having you flown home for the last time, in a casket. Life isn't a game and should never be taken lightly. We should live every moment as though it could be our last. Family is too important to throw away. Once you ever lose a parent or child, life is never the same. Never...........


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