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White Rabbit

There has been a long standing tradition in my family since I was about 10 years old regarding the first day of every month.

When Jodie came to town she had several traditions and ideas we had never heard of them before. She influenced our entire family in ways that last in my personal life even today. When playing video games, she never said "Ready set go," but rather "Ready, Steady, GO!" To this day, I find myself using that expression from time to time.

She had a habit of saying "White Rabbit" on the first of every month, but only before noon. If noon came and went before she realized it was the first of the month, she wouldn't say it at all. Apparently, in her family, saying "White Rabbit" before noon on the first day of the month was supposed to be good luck for the whole month long. Before long, she had all of us doing it. For a number of years my mother would remind me on the first of the month.

She also had a tradition of another saying coupled with actions I didn't much care for.

"Pinch, punch, first day of the month," she would say while playfully pinching my forearm and punching my shoulder. But when I would try to do it back, she explained that a person couldn't do it to someone who beat them to it.

One time I avoided seeing Jodie all day long until nearly the end of the school day on the first of the month. When finally I did see her, I shouted "pinch, punch, first day of the month," and laughed uproariously. What I got in return was quite a surprise!

"Punch, Kick! For being so quick!"

Jodie explained that "White Rabbit" and "Pinch Punch" needed to be done before noon on the first of the month, and if it was done after noon on that day, it was anything but quick, lending way to the victim to have their own agressive actions in retaliation. I was convinced she was making it up as she went along for a while. I never got proper verification of that.

I knew someone for almost 3 years who, for the first two and a half, always looked at me like I had two heads every time I said my good luck words. He would cock his head to the side like a confused puppy and ask me what I meant by that, or why did I say white rabbit. Every time I was patient and explained it to him. Now I've finally fixed that. Now, I only say it to myself.

So here's to the first of the month.

White Rabbit.

May it bring a month of luck.


  1. Little things, little thoughts turn out great... Alice followed the White Rabbit and fell down in the Wonderland... I wish you a very great month full of luck.
    Btw I'm that anonymous guy that left a comment last week. I'm from Portugal so I'm very far from you I don't remember when I start to visit your blog but I come time to time because I like what you write, I find you very sensitive and attractive, and I wish you well.


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