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Best Friends

Best Friends.

Best Friends are there to guide us
When we need a helping hand
They’re ready to protect us
When we cant take a stand.
They’re the last hope for survival
When we’re sinking in the sand

True friends are really angels
Dressed up in disguise
They crack jokes all day long
But when it’s time they’re wise.
They truly love us for who we are
And are willing to compromise.

They take us at face value
And never ask for more.
When the world seems so cruel
They help to open doors
When we’re up a creek without a paddle
They’ll hand us the only oar.

Best friends are a god send
True to their every word
Of all the people in the world
He’s who I’ve most preferred.
That’s why I’ll marry mine
Anyone else would be absurd.

Lady Blackwood

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