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Subject : In Love with a Bald Man.
Posted Date: : Jan 11, 2007 4:54 PM

Pete kissed me awake..
He told me for the first time only two days before Christmas that he loved me... He says it freely now, at least once a day. It's wonderful.

"There she is.." Pete kissed me, "the woman I love.. my beautiful Amanda.. I love you, sweetheart.. so lovely.. so beautiful.."

I wanted to melt.

The next morning, Pete told me about a woman he had talked with yesterday. The woman was a 50 year old first-time bride to another CHP officer... Pete said that the officer, the groom, had been on the graveyard shift for years... When he got married, he woke up, Pete said. He stopped working the graveyard shift because he knew that it would put a strain on his new marriage... Then Pete said that he was very glad he himself was no longer on graveyard shift and wouldn't be going back to it because he didn't want our relationship to suffer... Up until last night, that was something he was heavily contemplating... I think this woman may have talked some sense into him.. but I just wonder how much.

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