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New House

Subject : Moving Day Again?
Posted Date: : Feb 6, 2007 2:04 PM

Yes, Pete found a house.

He's been looking for some time now, but he couldn't really find one that interested him enough to want to make an offer until now.

He wants me to walk through the place with him this weekend so that I might have an opinion on the place, since it's likely that he and I would live there for a few years. I told him that I would, but my answer does not hinge on what I make of the place, but what I make of his reaction to the place. I will forever stand behind Pete 100% just as he does for me, and if he believes we can make a go of this place, then he has my vote. I've had to work very hard for most of my life. If the place needs a new roof, I can do that. If he wants to put tile in the bathroom or kitchen, believe it or not, I have experience there, too. If Pete and I work hard enough at it, we can make any house into a home. As long as he believes in me, in US, we can make it.

Did I mention the place had a view?

From the back deck, you can see ALL of Catalina Island on a clear day. The floors are all hard wood, the kitchen is not tiny, but is a decent size for me. The back yard is cute and functional without being a bear to mow all the time. The deck is wonderful, and large enough to put a swing and a BBQ grill outside. The master bedroom is not huge, but efficient - plus we'd have the whole rest of the house for our stuff. I don't have to worry about living out of boxes anymore. What's more - I wouldn't have to worry about roommates at all anymore. It would just be Pete and myself... no more single guys wandering around in their boxers for me to avoid bumping into when I just need a drink of water.

I cant believe I'm about to do this - it feels so much like a dream at this point. Sure, it's not the first place I've helped someone pick out, but it's the first time I could see myself living there for several years. It's wonderful, knowing that I've found someone like Pete. He's every bit the Nomad that I am, so I'll never get bored. We will only continue to move up in the world, our lives getting better and more enriched as we go. I can finally see myself with one person for the rest of my life - and what a wonderful feeling that truly is. I have tried to force myself to feel that all too often, and here it comes naturally.

He loves me. That's the greatest gift I've ever been given, love. But more than that, I'm so in love with Pete that I want to scream it out to the world every morning when I wake up and every time I think about him throughout the day. I know with time the feelings will calm and subside, but for now I love the excitement of it all. I've been around him night and day since July, and always before I've gotten tired of the guy before this point. Both times I got married (Yes I'm twice divorced) I had only known the guy a short time. That's mainly because I knew that my feelings towards them wouldn't last and I had hoped marriage would change that. With Pete it's not even a factor. If he asks me to marry him or not, I'm madly in love with him. That wont change. His asking me to marry him doesn't even matter anymore. I stand by my original feelings - it would be nice to be asked - but it makes no difference one way or another. I'm finally happy. I'm not going to jeopardize that at all.

Pete's putting together an offer now. If I give the OK he's going to submit it to the owners. Move-in would be immediate, since the place is already empty.

So? Is it Moving Day again?

Time will tell...

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