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Valentines Hope

Subject : Empty Valentines
Posted Date: : Feb 14, 2007 9:30 AM
This past Saturday was the Valentines Day I wish someone would do for me someday. It was incredible.

"The greatest audience I've ever known were the ones that were silent at the end of my performance."

Although meant in a different way (see Audrey Hepburn - A Life In Pictures) I was truly grateful to have rendered Pete completely speechless. It was an incredible experience. I blew him away completely.

HOWEVER - this morning was just another day. We said "Happy Valentines Day" to one another before he headed off to work, and that was that.
Though having him speechless was a wonderful gift, I still would have liked even a small box of Sampler chocolates, just so I knew he didn't forget about me. A simple card would have been wonderful - but there was nothing.

Is there still hope for our Valentines Day? He doesn't get off of work until 10:00 tonight. I'll spend the majority of the day wondering, pondering, and occasionally sighing.

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