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Bond Girl

Bond Girl

He called me a Bond Girl.
I’m dangerous in his eyes.
He tried to keep me at arms length
He’s not like other guys.

He’s got a set of rules
His friends all know he follows
So when they each met me
You could hear the audible swallows

I’m the girl that broke his rules
Almost every one!
But he had to get to know me
And now I’m too much fun.

He refused to date a smoker
I smoke a pack a day.
He didn’t ever want a mother
My son turns 6 today.

He’s always liked the redheads
But knew they were dangerous
Now I’m learning the danger
Is really just a plus.

He kissed me for the first time
I thought I’d melt away
I think he’s the “one” I want
And he’s one I’ll never betray.

I put down my last cigarette
I gave it up complete.
I'll try to not be so dangerous....

At least not to one so sweet...

Lady Blackwood

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