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Simple Girl

Subject : I'm a simple girl!

Posted Date: : May 11, 2006 5:01 PM

Today has been a very trying day for a very patient girl.

I pride myself on being independent now. Im strong willed, bull headed, and very determined. Im the kind of person that many people adore, and many just cant stand, but nobody out there feels anything for me between the two extremes.

People who think they know me sometimes dont. I guess its visible in my eyes that Im a very mysterious person with a lot to share. Unfortunately there isnt enough time or space to be able to share it with you all. I tell people that Ive lived the equivalent of 12 lifetimes in my short 26 years. People that REALLY know me, know and understand this to be a true statement.

Today I had arguments with three very special people, all of them about the same issue, and none of them know one another. One asked me a question they should have already known the answer to. Another accused me of being "an abusive narcissistic liar" in his own words. Still another refused to accept the truth from me and wished me well with the rest of my life.

Does anyone really know me?

Does anyone really ever know anyone?

I'm a simple person, really.

I'm an ordinary woman, who desires nothing more than just an ordinary chance,
to live exactly as she likes, and do precisely what she wants. Im simply a woman of no eccentric whim, who likes to live her life, free of drama doing whatever she thinks is best for her. Im typically care free. I come and go as I please. I ask for little, if anything at all. I smile often, Im basically happy, and as anyone who knows me and has read more than one of my stories, knows that I have nothing to hide. I tell it like it is.

So why would someone ever have a reason to fight with me, call me a liar, or ask me something of such an horrifying nature as to completely offend me with the very idea? What reason would there be to call me names? Would anyone really not believe something I told them if I told them it was true? There are too many non-symplistic people out there. Those who accuse others of lying do so because they know they would lie were they in that other persons situation.

I'm just a simple girl.

I've nothing to hide.

Ask me what you will and I shall tell you how it is, even if you won't like the answer.

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