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Posted Date: : Feb 13, 2007 11:31 AM

Last night I was almost home when I got a text message from Pete telling me to come over to Ravi's house once I got home. Ravi is our East Indian neighbor, and the guy who is building the deck in the back yard of our current home. I pulled up out front less than five minutes later and Pete, afraid I may not have gotten his text message, came to the front door of Ravi's home to call me over. I jogged over to the front door, more than happy to see my Pete again. Pete reached out and grabbed a hold of me. He held me tight for a long time, kissed my forehead several times, and whispered into my ear that I was a sight for sore eyes.

I've never known someone so loving before. He's every bit as affectionate as I am, and I've searched my whole life to find that. Always before I was with people that I either couldn't stand to touch or whom I didn't want touching me, or the exact opposite – people who didn't want me touching them frequently.

No matter what we are doing, Pete and I are constantly touching in some manner. If we're watching TV, we're usually laying down on the couch or the bed, and his arms are wrapped around my middle, my arms around his arms. Even when we go out to eat and are sitting across the table from one another, if we're not holding hands, our feet are touching. If we're walking somewhere, even just to and from the neighbors house, we're hand-in-hand. We'd rather be sweating to death cuddling than not making some sort of physical contact. We gravitate toward one another even when sleeping. If we are in reach of one another, we're touching.

Being in love is more than I ever expected it would be. I crave being with him, even when we're side by side. I miss him when I'm not with him, and I go way out of my way just to make him smile, though these days he smiles often when I see him. We get along. We don't argue at all, we have the same thoughts and opinions about most things, we like the same music, movies, food, TV shows, clothing styles, artists, and people. We're both extremely tenderhearted. Neither of us do anything without thinking of the other person first.

Love has always been forced with me. I've loved, and I've been loved, but never as it is now. This time there is no forcing myself to care about someone. This time it just comes easily. This time, more than any other time in my life, I feel it in him just as much as I feel it within myself.

He is my Soul Mate. I've rarely been so happy that I've wanted to cry, but even now I feel the tears welling up in my eyes.

Pete is my Forever.

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