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Unfairness Poem

The world isn’t fair
I’ve heard some complain
The injustice in the world
Could drive a man insane.

Some are paid unfairly
Others disrespected
While others who don’t deserve it
Are constantly protected.

Racism runs rampant
Thought those days were past!
Hatred is the only thing
That most people think can last.

Death and taxed are certain
But is the unfairness just as sure?
How much more can common man
Be pressured to endure?

Those who need medical help
Are denied it every day.
Then those who are hypochondriacs
Know exactly what to say.

Male assistants are hired
At a higher rate of pay
Than those whom they work under
If it’s a woman of modern day.

Murders get off Scott free
If they are attached to fame.
While citizens with minor violations
Get treated the exact same.

What happened to the class?
The respect we all deserve?
Should we all just stand and take it
As they grind at our last nerve?

Lady Blackwood

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