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Bad Dreams, Future Endeavors

ubject : Bad Dreams and Future Endeavors
Posted Date: : May 22, 2007 5:08 PM

Last night I had a horrible dream about my ex-husband. He broke into my home and intended to kill me, thinking that I was a threat to him and his way of life, even though he lives in another state. I overheard him in my home and snuck out the window with my nearly dead cell phone. I tried 911 but got an automated service. I tried again and again with no luck. Finally I snuck back into my home, grabbed Pete's gun, and called the local Police department on my way back out. Unfortunately my ex heard me and followed me out into the back yard. I faked fear, ran to the wall, and threw myself over it, knowing what awaited me on the other side. When my ex tried to follow, he tumbled down the hill in the dark, and I trained the sights of Pete's revolver on his forehead and didn't flinch. "Move and you're dead, Clark."

I woke up victorious, but not until after he was arrested and released. He returned to our home a second time, and a second time I backed him into a corner. Only this time he didn't stay still. I shot him in the foot. There was blood all over my hardwood floor! I was going to have to mop it in the middle of the night. I wasn't happy. Neither were the cops when they arrested some guy for breaking and entering twice in one night at the same house. I realized something in that dream though. If I pick up a gun and point it at someone, I'm fully prepared to use it. I may have only shot him in the foot, but if he had moved in my direction, I was ready to blow a hole through the back of his skull from the front end.

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