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Mom Approves of Pete

Subject : Moms Approval
Posted Date: : Feb 13, 2007 5:19 PM


Did you hear about the shootings at Trolley Square in Salt Lake? Some 18 year old kid decided to just go to the mall there and start shooting innocent people. It was really horrible. There was an off duty Ogden Police Officer having dinner there and managed to stop the guy before he could do any more damage. The Officer was packing and it was a darn good thing. Six people were killed including the shooter. Five more people were injured and are hospitalized and 2 of them are in critical condition.

I don't know who the Ogden Officer was yet, but they are going to tell that later on the news. It's a good thing someone was packing besides the bad guy. The off duty officer was just having dinner with his wife. Tell Pete we are glad that there are people like him out there taking care of us.

... I feel better knowing that you are with Pete ...


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