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In Time

I didn't actually write this one, but it was worth sharing with the world.
Please, don't ever forget those who love us, even if we can't return their love.  

In a very short period of Time, just a little more than a month, you opened my eyes to a whole new world. It’s a wonderfully exciting world full of life and it is called “Amanda”.

In that short Time, you showed me a glimpse of what I have been missing all of my life. You showed me what true love, caring and yes, passion can really be like. It’s as if I have been sleepwalking my entire life and you awakened me with one incredible kiss. But it was just a brief glimpse…a preview of what could be. Unfortunately, you never gave me the Time to explore it with you…to know what heaven could really be like. During this all too brief period of Time, you brought me up to heights I didn’t know existed and then let me plummet back to Earth.

In Time, we could have explored that wonderful world together. But I feel like the more I want to get closer to you, to get to know you better, the more you back away. I know only the superficial you, not the real you. It’s like you have a shell built up around you that no one (at least me) can penetrate. I can only guess at what beauty lies within. You must have been hurt deeply at some point in your life to have to put up such defense. I have also come to realize that your feelings for me aren’t the same as mine for you.

In Time, your name won’t be the first thing on my lips when I awaken in the morning and thoughts of you won’t be the last thing on my mind as I drift off to sleep every night.

In Time, I won’t think of you constantly throughout the day, wondering what you’re doing, how you’re feeling.

In Time, I won’t go back to pictures of you and feel a closeness to you and dream of our being together.

In Time, my love for you will diminish and will no longer give me this empty feeling that I have inside right now. And in Time, this ache in my heart will be just a scar over the memory of what might have been.

But time will never make you love me.

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