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In The Eyes

It's in the eyes. I've always believed it's in the eyes.

Have you ever stood less than two feet from someone and stared into their eyes durring a conversation? It's easy to read the emotion and depth of the person, even if the color of their eyes isn't as clear as everything in their mind.

I stood looking into the eyes of a relative stranger, talking about work, my cats, writing and some of the best California surfing spots. I marveled at the color of those lovely eyes, though with the sun behind the subject of my gaze, it was hard to tell if they were brown or green. Yet, as I stood there I could read this person almost like a book. I knew what that person was thinking and I knew which direction the conversation would go from there. He had more potential of being a good friend than anyone I'd met in a long time.

When he invited me out for drinks, I jumped at the chance to go. Not only was this a highly interesting person I would love to get to know better, but he was also someone I knew I had a number of things in common with. I could easily get lost in conversation with him and be reminded of many stories I've not told in a long time - future reasons to blog.

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