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Letter to a Friend

Subject : Letter to a Friend
Posted Date: : Jun 22, 2007 11:25 AM
Hi there!!!
I know I haven't been around - my old boss let me go the day before Valentines day. He said it was because I was a "bad fit" for the position, but I can trust you with the truth. It was because he had met my then boyfriend and I had turned the boss down for Valentines dinner. I had a coworker in his office with us when he asked me. That friend of mine could verify that story if I were ever asked to prove it, but since I plan to tell nobody but you, there's no point in that.

In the mean time, I'm the Jobless Wonder and desperate for a job somewhere local. I have a house in San Pedro, so I cant really work somewhere like San Fran. You wouldn't happen to know of any jobs in the area that you can refer me to, and give me a glowing review, do you? The job in Torrance doesn't have room for me anymore - I tried months ago.

I miss working the trade shows. For that matter, I miss working. Period. I hit a depression once the CHP told me that through no fault of my own, a technical issue has put my CHP career on hold until some time next year. What a disappointment! What am I going to do with a year?! The only jobs willing to hire me, even with my experience and background, are waitress and bartender jobs. That's because I have no proper education the way they see it. Experience counts for naught without a degree, I guess. I have my GED and I've proved myself in this world. They just cant see my potential or personality over the phone or email.

Anyway, things are good here. I'd love to invite you to the housewarming party so that you can meet my new fiance - whenever we have the housewarming party. I'm not really sure when that is yet - and honestly, I have no idea when we're getting married, either. He said something about September, and then mentioned spring, but I've also heard him talking about next year. I guess Spring counts as next year, but he's calling the shots this time. I've been there and done that. He hasn't.

It's great to hear from you!!! So tell me, how are YOU doing these days?


P.S. Thanks for the comment about missing my smile at the trade shows. You cheered me up on this bleak day. I didn't think anything could today.

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