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Pete In Love

ubject : So In Love
Posted Date: : Feb 5, 2007 11:41 AM
"I adore you" Pete whispered in my ear as I rested my head on his
chest. He kissed my forehead lightly. "You're the best thing that's
ever happened to me."

We were curled up on the couch, peacefully watching a good, romantic
movie. Here I'd had my doubts Friday night, and last night he
removed every one of the uncertainties I ever had. All it takes is
the touch of his hand for me to know he loves me. He pampered me all
weekend long, complimenting me and my clothes, my cooking, and about
anything he could think of to compliment me on – but they weren't
empty remarks. He actually meant what he was saying. I would do
anything to make that man happy. To have him proud of me to that
point is among the greatest gifts I could ever be given. I have felt like
that since he and I first started seeing one another back in early July.

Friday night, after I discovered those horrible emails that I had no
business reading, I waited patiently until he came home. When
finally he got there, he noticed there was something going on with
me. I didn't feel like I was ready to explain the situation to him at
that point because I had too many thoughts going through my head and
I couldn't properly gather them. Instead, I asked him if he could
just lay down by me for a bit. Normally he won't do anything of the
sort until after he takes a shower. Instead, this time, he came right
over to me, laid down next to me, and talked to me for a long time,
making me forget whatever it was that was bothering me that he sensed
I wasn't ready to talk about. He put his arms around me and held me
tightly until I fell asleep. Rather than getting up to take a shower
once I was out cold, he held me all night, both of us fully clothed
and far from ready for bed. In the morning when I woke up, he was
still holding on to me. I stirred a bit.

"You ok? Do you need anything?"

I smiled. Never before have I felt so loved. Any worry I might have
had was long gone with the nights chill.

Saturday we spent the day enjoying the company of one another. We
dressed up and went sidewalk shopping for a bit, just enjoying the
beautiful weather at the beach. I got multiple compliments on my
little tropical dress, and Pete glowed each time he heard them. That
night, I prepared my mothers famous Air Force One Meatballs for the
following day's Super Bowl party at a friends' house. The house
smelled once more like there was a woman about who had been cooking.
I gave a single meatball to Pete after dinner and he was astonished.
He had a feeling they would be a hit at the party.

Sunday morning we went to participate in a Marathon. It was my first
ever, and Pete knew that I would have a hard time running the 10K so
he signed me up for the 5K walk. Honestly, I probably could have run
that one, but he had friends that were coming. He had found out that
his friend's wife would be participating in the 5K, so he set me up
with her so I wouldn't be lonely. Kim was a nice lady and we had a
decent chat, but we really didn't have much in common. For the first
time since meeting one of Pete's friends, I was severely looking
forward to meeting back up with him. I got through it ok and put on
my good manners and face, but I was so happy when he finished his 10K
run and met back up with us.

The next order of business was to head home and get ready for the
Super Bowl party. We drove all the way home and as I was climbing
the stairs I admitted how much pain I was in. My hips and butt were
killing me! I laid belly-down on the bed for a bit. Pete came upstairs and got on the bed next to me. Then he began to massage my hips and back, telling me how good I had done and how proud of me he was. I had participated in my first marathon ever. I told him that next year I wanted to run with him and he smiled.

We woke up about two hours later to the sound of the phone ringing.
We jumped up, threw on some tropical clothes that actually matched
(we have fun doing the couple thing) and ran to grab the Air Force
One Meatballs. Then we darted out to Pete's 1960 Bug Eye Sprite and
blasted off to Lou's place for the party.

I have to admit, it was the very best Super Bowl party I've ever been
to. Only one person was even paying attention to the game. Everyone
else was there for the conversation and food! My meatballs went
extremely fast, and everyone was asking me for the recipe – which I
most certainly wouldn't give away. Every time someone reached for
the bowl of meatballs, Pete would nudge me and smile. He was so proud.

Part of the night the main conversations were surrounding me. I
would always step up to the plate and say whatever came to my mind
first, often making everyone in the room laugh pretty good. A
Japanese gentleman sat near me when we gave a toast. Most everyone
there said the typical "Cheers" but I said the Japanese toast,
"Kampai" and made the gentleman stare at me astonished.

"What about 'Bansai' " asked one of the gentlemen to my right.

"That's a tree" I responded before taking a sip of my Japanese Single
Malt Scotch. Everyone around me laughed, especially the Japanese
man. Pete beamed at me.

An elderly couple sitting in the corner had an interesting
conversation about Pete and myself, not aware that I have the ability
to read lips.

"I give him a couple of months before he proposes to her" said the
woman, a sweet little old lady by the name of Suzanne.

"Pete will likely wait a bit longer. I'd say about a year," said the
gentleman named Jerry.

I told Pete about the conversation later on that night, and all he
did was nod and smile.

"So," I asked, "Which one was right? Are we talking months or
years?" Pete only grunted. "Does that grunt mean 'don't ask that
right now because we don't know?" Pete grunted again.

"I dunno – I've never done this before." His face flushed slightly
and I let the topic go.

It was later on that we popped a movie into the DVD player and
settled in to watch it. "That was amazing, Baby." Pete pulled me
closer to him. "I think the entire menu was centered on your
Meatballs. There was nothing there that had the same quality of
taste. It was in a class of its own there. They were so good, and
yet so simple. Nothing else could compare." I blushed slightly and
snuggled closer to him.

"Thank you" I sighed. I owed my mother a big thank you for that one.

"I adore you" Pete whispered in my ear as I rested my head on his
chest. He kissed my forehead lightly. "You're the best thing that's
ever happened to me."

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