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Wedding Gag Gift

ubject : The Gag Gift
Posted Date: : Feb 2, 2007 1:32 AM
Last night Pete came home for dinner. I threw some chicken in the Micro that I had made a couple of days before in order to have something ready for him when he came in. While I was waiting for him, I went through the mail on the table. There was nothing of interest, so I turned to go back into the kitchen and check on dinner. Something caught my eye…

There was a box in the chair by the door addressed to Pete. For some unknown reason, my heart jumped up into my throat. I didn't have the slightest clue as to why that would be until I looked at the return address on the package. I know it was none of my business, but I couldn't help myself. I had an odd feeling and had to discover why. The box was from some wedding company in Montana called Smart Bride Online. My heart raced… this wasn't a normal thing. Pete wouldn't display our business out in the open like that. Something told me he wasn't expecting the package.

Pete came in just as his food was ready. He smiled, grabbed a good hold on me, and kissed me. Oh, there's nothing like kissing a man in uniform. I was in heaven. I kissed him back several more times.

We went into the kitchen and as I pulled his food out and got ready to serve it, I nonchalantly told him that he had a package waiting for him in the chair by the door. He looked surprised. My suspicions were correct; he wasn't expecting any packages.

We sat to eat, both of us starving from a long day. Between bites, Pete took the time to tear away at the tape on the box, but the food held most of his interest. He hadn't seen the address label yet. Finally when he looked at it, he got a new zest for opening the box.

Two smaller boxes came out of the larger box from Smart Bride Online, the first of which was titled "Balding Groom". Astonished, Pete looked at me with a crooked half grin.

"What the …"

I was just as puzzled as he was, but I laughed out loud.

"You're going to love this one," he said. The second box was titled Red Caucasian Bride. Again I laughed, this time a bit more nervously. I ran to the kitchen to grab a knife to open the smaller boxes faster than the larger one had been cracked into. I sliced them open and extracted the contents, half expecting something else to be in each box.

There was a lovely set – a bald groom that looked like Pete and a redheaded bride that looked almost identical to me. We stood the cake topper together and laughed at how much like us they looked.

Someone had gotten us really good. It was a great gag! But who could it have been? Both of his roommates denied the possibility of it being them. He even called some of his closest friends. Nobody would confess to this great gag. The hunt is still on for the culprit, but to no avail thus far.

Pete looked closely at the couple's faces.

"Wow… You sure are pretty in that dress."

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