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Never Had It

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Subject : Am I asking too much?

Posted Date: : May 10, 2006 5:03 PM


I've never had breakfast in bed.
It's been years since someone picked a rose for me.
I've never had someone cook a candle lit dinner for me.
I've never gone to the movies on a first date.
Nobody has ever bought me chocolates for no reason.
I've never had a full body massage.
It's been years since I've had a shoulder massage that lasted more than 10 minutes total.
I've never had someone surprise me with dinner.
I've never been asked to the Ballet or Opera.
I've never gone to a Broadway show.
It's been years since I've been on a picnic.
No one has ever put together a picnic for me.
Nobody has ever carried my photo in their wallet (that I know of).
No man has ever bought perfume for me.

Is it too much to ask?


Eventually I will have to add a modified version of this list here... a few of these items have been whittled away by an amazing person...

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