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Equals at Home and Work

Subject : Equals in the home and work place.
Posted Date: : May 23, 2006 12:46 PM

I've always found myself attracted to men who work in the corporate world. I think that's mainly because of how they must present themselves; clean cut, professional, and sharply dressed. To me there is a rare sight better than a man in a collar shirt and tie.
Until this past year, I've always been rather unlucky in careers. I was a waitress and bartender for about 9 years before finally finding the job and position I currently hold, and in my corporate world, everything is run by women! No men running around in suits and ties other than the President of the company, and I'm not about to ogle him! He's not my type anyway - a middle aged Japanese gentleman shorter than myself is not my typical ideal.

Somehow I've managed to find myself suddenly sitting on top of the world by being given a chance by a woman who was once in the same boat, waitressing for so long before finding her niche at my company. She's my boss, and now, my best friend.

I've had a total of 3 promotions and 4 raises since starting my job here last November, and they have treated me well. I now make 180f what I started off making, and things are only going to improve from here. I've been promoted to Senior National Sales Rep for my entire company recently, and cant wait to take the reigns in hand to steer the sales in the direction they need to be (and I want them to be) heading in.

For once in my life, the men I've found myself attraced to ARE my equal. It's a wonderful feeling, knowing that I'm self-sustaining and independant finally. I do not need a man in my life to take care of me anymore. I've always been "taken care of" by others, and it's a good feeling to be successful finally. Living alone is lonely at times, but I can survive on my own. I can finally be more selective about the men I choose to date, not just take whats available to me at the time and force myself to be happy about it.

I have always wanted to be an "equal" in a relationship, but a lot of men find it intimidating to be with a woman who makes as much or more than he does. It would be refreshing to hear your thoughts, opinions, and views on this matter.

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