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Gun Rights

I found this video on a friends blog page and had to openly offer my opinion on the matter. I stand by my belief on that other page, and so thought I would share it with my friends here. Normally I shy away from political conversations, but I could not let this one pass. Besides, this is perfect for the day with the 4th of July coming up tomorrow.

The video is titled "Worst Dad Award Nominee" to which I must scoff. Let me explain why...

If you are reading this, you've known me for a while - long enough to know that I'm not a complete nut case or an unbalanced person, right?

Now, that said, let me offer my opinion.

I wasn't much older than this when my father taught me how to shoot a gun. He took me to a professional outdoor range where we shot at milk jugs filled with water and whole watermelons. He did this for a VERY good reason, and I will always thank him for doing so.

My father was the sharp shooter for the S.W.A.T. team when I was a baby. We always had guns around the house when I was a child. They were never loaded, and always out of reach until I learned how to climb and use keys and reach door knobs. No matter how hard a parent tries, nothing is out of reach of a child who really wants something bad enough. As I said, even when I was old enough to reach them, they were never loaded. HOWEVER, if by some odd chance he left one loaded one day and I found it, he wanted to make DAMN SURE that I knew what could happen if I messed with it. The watermelon we shot at was the representation of our heads were we to ever use a firearm unsupervised.

To this day, i believe my father made the right decision in teaching me to shoot guns at an early age. It was always supervised, and I grew to have a passion for target shooting. He may not have made ALL of the right decisions raising me, but he and my mother did the best that they could. This was one of the greatest gifts he could have ever given me - the respect for deadly force. Now I'm studying to be a California Highway Patrol Officer, all because of my Father. He was my inspiration, and I'm going to put the talent and skill he taught me to good use.

If taught properly, this is an invaluable lesson the child will most likely never forget, even at this early age. You may not know the background behind the man here, also. He may very well be a Police Officer. A LOT of police officers shave their heads so that the 'bad guys' have nothing to grab on to when trying to evade arrest. I do not plan on shaving my head, however.

Yeah, I admit freely that I dont normally comment on things like this because I shy away from Political Controversy for good reason. I detest confrontations where nobody is willing to consider the reason of the other side in the argument. HOWEVER, with tomorrow being the 4th of July, I thought that there was perhaps no better time to get Political than now.

I do find it rather amusing that those AGAINST this video have no real history or personal experience to back up their opinions. I would love to see if they care to elaborate. It would just be nice to see why they think as they do, and give us something to think about. I backed up my opinion with personal history and experience.

Now it's the other side's turn.


If you or someone you know has a strong opinion about this topic, please feel free to defend your own beliefs or mine by leaving a comment below. I believe in having a fair, just and balanced debate if that's what this turns into. Your comments will NOT be erased unless they contain profanities or are strictly attacking another commenter.


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