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Expectations and Desires

This is What He Doesn't Want
But This is What He Expects

He wants to think of me as a Bond Girl?
That's just fine by me.
I'll be the cold hearted bitch
That he expected me to be.

He thinks that I'm impulsive
I'm a danger to his heart
He's been up front and honest
From the very start.

He wont ever feel for me
The way I feel for him.
That's fine, I'll be ok
I wont make that mistake again.

It's time to be the Bond Girl
That he thought I always was
Dangerous, cold, and calculating
I'll be the end effect AND the cause.

No more beating round the bush
I'm done with playing games!
The plan is to sever all ties now
Before I go up in flames.

I'm tired of being hurt
Because I freely give my heart
It's time to wall it up now
And be safe and smart.

Yes, I know I'm all talk.
I wish I didn't feel this way.
Still, I can take that job and move
I no longer have reason to stay.

Lady Blackwood

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