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Split Days

On Monday I looked into the eyes
Of a man who loved me dearly
I felt the warmth and compassion
More than before; so clearly.

How could I ever tell him
That his feelings I cant return?
My heart belongs to another.
It’s for HIS love I yearn.

On Tuesday I stood face to face
With the man I always think of.
I told him of my true feelings
I told him I was in love.

He couldn’t return my feelings
I saw the look in his eyes
And as sad as this sounds
It wasn’t at all a surprise.

You can lead a heart to love
But from there it’s on its own.
You cant force it to fall
And you cant make it melt stone.

So I’ve resolved to a solution
I know now what I’m to do.
If nothing else, this experience
Has given me a new point of view.

I cant expect him to love me
Now or anytime soon.
I cant force myself to love someone
In a single afternoon.

So I’m to be alone for now
Don’t be sad for me!
I’ll get over the one you know
And the other will be ok, you’ll see!


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