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The Thief (edit)

Facing the Past

80 and aging
Climbing the stairs
Thinking back to his youth

With each step
His mind reels
Should he tell them the truth?

His climb today
Will be his last
He knows he’s going to die

But his family’s there
Waiting for him
Should he continue that lie?

He’s been in hiding
For so many years
How should he begin?

No matter what
They wont understand
Exactly where he’s been.

He didn’t skip out
And leave them there
For just no reason at all

The saga was real
It came to his door
The details he vividly recalls.

His mind so full
He reaches the top
A stretches out a hand

The door gives way
Into the hall
And there his family stands.

How to begin
He wonders inside
Or will he even be able?

He empties his pocket
And spreads the contents
All across the table.

Diamonds shone
The gold did glitter
But what caught the most attention

Were twelve passports
All in a row
He watched dawning comprehension.

Their faces lit up
They came alive
And the questions flooded in

He sat them down
And told them all
Exactly where he’d been.

Years ago they sent me
So very far away
I’ve been around the Earth.

I’m back now
And I’m sorry I left
For whatever that might be worth.

I thought of you often
And now I’m here
But my little girls, you’re grown!

I’m dying now
And I don’t care
If my cover has been blown.”

He told them all
Of his magical tales
Working for Her Majesty

Such an old man
So fragile and frail
How could this really be?

There father was
The “Bond” inspiration?
Surely that wasn’t so!

He opened the cover
To the top passport
Revealing the name Jon Doe.

He went through the stack
Opening each
Revealing a different name

Upon the last
It said “Jon Clark”
And he hung his head in shame.

“This is me
As far as I know
But I’ve lived this lie too long

The aliases I’ve had
Are far too many
And my memory isn’t that strong.”

80 and aging
Descending the stairs
Thinking back to his youth

With each step
His mind reels
He finally told them the truth.

His descending today
Will be his last
He knows he’s going to die

The shot rang out
He fell to the ground
Her Majesty lost her best spy.

Lady Blackwood

(Not one of the best, but I saved it for a reason.)

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